Substance Use Disorder is More
Common Than You Think

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Substance use, including opioid dependency, is a growing concern in our community. As of 2018, the rate of opioid related deaths in Indiana is higher than the national average, and that number is expected to rise. While a number of groups and organizations across central Indiana offer support to those who suffer from substance use disorder, there is still a great need for better coordination and collaboration across the care continuum.

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Why We Care

INSTEP brings together caregivers, people in recovery, and members of the community that care about substance use disorder and can empathize when providing solutions.

Our organization was established in 2018 as an Indiana non-profit corporation to further coordinate, integrate and align a community-wide response to substance use disorder in the greater Indianapolis area. With support and involvement from more than 70 organizations, meaningful collaboration has brought together representatives from several sectors including health care, law enforcement, government, education, business community, and faith-based organizations.

Together, we are marching in step to overcome addictions of all kind by identifying the gaps and ideal care coordination across the key areas of Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, Recovery Support and Transition Support.

What we do
What we do


INSTEP coordinates the efforts of many collaborating organizations to support those suffering from substance use disorder. Together, we can educate the public and march proactively toward a solution.


INSTEP is a movement encouraging partnership between all resources concerning substance use disorder in the greater Indianapolis area.


  • Empathy
  • Empowerment
  • Coordination
  • Collaboration


  • Glenn Bingle, MD
  • Tim Kelly, MD
    Vice Chairman
  • Bill Corley
  • Ed Langston, MD
  • Jack Frank
  • Kelly Urban
  • Kimberly Miller


  • Bill Corley
  • Jack Frank
  • Kelly Urban
  • Kimberly Miller
What we do